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I don’t have the patients to be a doctor



the science of sleep (2006)

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Please help E.J.
It is Christmas time, and if you’re looking for a nice deed. here is one option. My mom’s dog was attacked by a bulldog. He lost a lot of blood and now has to have surgery and he is going to lose a leg because of the amount of blood loss and damage. My mom already has $6,000 for the puppy appointments (and they’re only going up- over $500 a week). For Christmas, please donate anything you would like to help this poor baby. Anything will help.
If you would like to donate:
Call the Animal Care Hospital: 602-955-5757
Say you would like to make a donation (over credit card, etc).
Make sure to say the donations are for Michelle Rispoli for “care of ej”
if you cannot donate, please reblog. only the picture will show up on your blog. Message me if you donated so I can thank you.